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Whether you are trying to get people to choose your brand, or to adopt a behavior that is beneficial for them or to society, you'll be more successful if you understand the science behind how humans naturally choose. We use insights from behavioral science to help you make your brand, or the behavior you need people to embrace a natural and easy choice.

About The Business of Choice

Every organization’s success is down to one thing – making it easy and rewarding for people to make the choices you need them to make. The Business of Choice is a behavioral insights and choice architecture consultancy that helps organizations make these choices align with how people naturally choose.

Matthew Willcox, founding partner, is one of the pioneers of the application of behavioral science insights to the practice of marketing. His book The Business of Choice – Marketing to Consumer's Instincts was named M&SB’s "Marketing Book Of The Year and winner of the American Marketing Association’s prestigious Berry Book Prize in 2016.

Prior to setting up The Business of Choice, Matthew founded and ran the Institute of Decision Making, a think tank that served as a bridge between marketing practitioners and scientists who study behavior and choice.

Matthew has over 25 years brand strategy experience, and has helped organizations such as Levi Strauss and Co., Electronic Arts, Unilever, Nestlé, Shell and GlaxoSmithKline get their products chosen, and in the process, has won eight Effie Awards. He has also acted as an expert on behavior change for the US Food and Drug Administration anti-smoking programs, for consumer, B2B and healthcare companies, and for development organizations tackling stubborn problems in the area of sexual and reproductive health. He speaks frequently speaker at marketing and communication events, including El Sol in Madrid, Most Contagious in London, and the Cannes Lions

Matthew Willcox

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity //// IF, Milan //// Branded Content Marketing Association, Madrid //// Most Contagious, London ////Fuels Institute Annual Conference,

Indianapolis and Denver //// Social Behavior Change & Communication Summit, Addis Ababa //// Advertising Week, New York //// Behavioral Science Marketing Conference, San Francisco //// Advertising Research Foundation Annual Conference, New York and Palo Alto //// El Sol!, Bilbao //// Shopper Brain Conference, Amsterdam //// Ciclope, Berlin ////

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Every organization is in the business of choice. So understanding how people choose, and applying these insights to how you do business, is critical. Our customized workshops have helped marketing, innovation, game development, community health and sales teams understand the non-conscious factors that guide people's choices, and kick start the process of developing solutions that use this understanding. Extensive pre-planning with stakeholders ensures the workshops are focused on the most relevant aspects of human decision making for the client’s business. Workshops are offered to organizations, and through affiliated marketing associations, individual marketers. These are fun, engaging and creative sessions that also help participants understand their own decision making processes.

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How people choose is a fascinating topic in its own right, and one that is critical to marketers. Matthew Willcox, founding partner of The Business of Choice gives a wide range of talks that cover choice, influencing decisions, creativity and innovation adoption that can be customized for specific industries and audiences.

Matthew has talked at numerous sales and marketing summits and conferences, and at leading venues as different as the United Nations Center for Africa in Addis Ababa, The Stage at the Times Center,
New York and the Debussy Stage at Cannes.

"At the end of our partners' summit, the president of one of our partners said: 'I enjoyed all the speakers, but Matthew's 45 minute talk alone was worth my 3 days of being here. I was so transfixed with what he was saying I didn't want to look down and take notes.'For a president of a global company who took a chunk of time out of his busy schedule to say 'that alone was worth my 3 days here' was validation of the event."

Ben Schlosser, CMO, Richard Childress Racing (RCR)

"Matthew's talk was a fantastic overview for our clients. It really crystallized a lot of the theory we have been trying to instill over the past few years. In fact one of our senior clients commented that it was one of the most enlightening marketing talks they had ever seen!"

Brett Morris, Group CEO FCB Africa


"The Business of Choice: Marketing to Consumers’ Instincts" has been published in English, Chinese and Spanish. It was named Marketing & Sales Books "Marketing Book of The Year 2016", and winner of the prestigious American Marketing Association Berry Book Award. The Spanish language version was also one of 10 finalists for KnowSquare’s business book of the year, 2016.